Cleaning Services in Columbia

"My mother-in-law will never notice that my carpets are dirty," said no sensible person ever! Get your house ready for company without breaking your back or your bank account, with the help of Steamagic Carpet Care. Our truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment will leave your carpets and upholstery looking clean and smelling fresh, with minimal drying time. Pass the mother-in-law test, or the CEO test, with flying colors! Call today for an appointment. 

clean apartment

Traffic? What Traffic?

If you own or manage an apartment complex, keeping your carpets in decent shape is a challenge, but an absolute must if you want to attract good tenants. Steamagic Carpet Care understands what you're up against. Property managers throughout mid-Missouri rely on us to keep the carpeting in their units clean and sanitary, even on short notice. Surely, you can too! 

shovel snow

Have shovel, will travel

"Snow." The very word elicits cries of joy from children, but strikes fear in the hearts of adults, because keeping your carpets clean will be next to impossible. Or you can call Steamagic Carpet Care. In addition to carpet and upholstery cleaning, we offer winter-time snow removal. Your back will thank you, your carpets will thank you, and so will your wallet. 

clean carpet

A clean house is a happy house

"Wipe your feet!" You say it so often, your kids think it's your middle name. What really chaps your hide is your carpets still get dirty. It's unavoidable, but it's fixable, with Steamagic Carpet Care. Our residential carpet care team will get your upholstery, rugs and carpets looking as clean as the day you moved in. Call today. We promise, we'll wipe our feet.  

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